For the heavy workers: thank you John for you moral and physical support, many thanks to Roelant without whom we never could have created such a nice place, many thanks to Michiel and Roland, Alan, Yunus, Eric & crew, Bertus, Get-Jan, professionals we needed. 



For the light: thank you Ingrid ;-), for painting: many thanks to Barbara, Vens & Nia, Frederic & Antoine, Antoine, Jennifer, Ingrid, Corentine.

for the lamps: thank you Yunus, Arnaud, for the bench: thank you Brice, Laurence, Yunus (again), for the furniture: thank you Rieckie, Jennifer, Laurence & Arnaud, de Kringloop.  




Not only we want to grow towards an eco friendly world by encouraging less meat consumption and more healthy foods, also our interior should have a sustainable side to complete the picture. 


We were challenged to design the interior of about 100 square meters with a very limited budget. Thus, it is no surprise that we chose for recycling furniture, lamps, dishes etc... and why not from the 60-70's? The typical colours of that period: yellow, orange, brown give a warm and homy feeling. The typical wall paper, the witch hat lamp, the orange Duralex dishes, the egg-shaped furniture, the bright paterns on textile: that is what we chose for, creating a cosy 60-70's livingroom feeling brightened up by a lot of white surfaces.  


We found a great place, in an old building dated 1925, very big but with a very outdated interior and infrastructure. 

First we removed the fals ceiling, then we discovered there was much more behind it then we ever had expected. And, the kitchen was unexisting! Many thanks to all the people who contributed to the heavy and more light work that was needed to create LOVE & PEAS. 


It took a while and a lot of money till everything was plastered, painted, installed and ready to be furnished and decorated. Meanwhile we started collected dishes, lamps, tables and chairs at second hand shops and flee markets, and constructed our own bench. It was quit a challenge to find 12 orange 60-70's lamps, but we did it! And, no it's not a lamp shop! Although...


Thanks to all for making LOVE & PEAS possible,

Yuval & Amit, Muawi & Sibille